Helpful tips for members and newcomers:

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Helpful tips for members and newcomers:

Post by Jason Donnelly on Thu Jun 09, 2016 10:47 pm

Role-playing an Irish-American gangster/mobster is very different to the typical Italian mob member.  This has to be taken into consideration when trying yourself out for an Irish-American faction. The list below is a handful of basic tips to help yourself along the way, and are what we look for when inducting new members.

1) It's up to you on how you go about getting noticed, creativity is a big factor to take into consideration when approaching us.  Coming over and asking for a job isn't very initiative, and please take your character development into consideration.

2) Being totally dependent on higher members isn't a great way to progress with us, we expect our members to get out there and create their own role-play.  Finding your own role-play among the other players proves beneficial for the faction and the topic.

3) Keep it realistic and in character. The last thing we want is to mix up anything in character and out of character.  Exposing any anger or hate towards what happens in character won't end up good for you, and you won't get far. Keep it peaceful between each other, fighting OOCly won't be dealt with lightly.

4) Do your research on the Irish-run mafias, watch a documentary or two. There're films that depict the Irish-American mobs quite realistically, a list will be posted sooner or later. You can heighten your enjoyment by planning your character before changing your name or creating your alt.

5) If you're planning on role-playing a full bred Irishman that just got out of the airport taxi, hold yourself right there. That approach is unrealistic and your character won't get far. The Irish don't emigrate like they used to, therefore the induction of an Irishman would be rare.  We will make a few exceptions if you can pull it off well. We are modern and are Irish, but are also American, so please remember that.

6) Don't rush any character development, build a solid character at a good pace.  Keeping at the same pace as the rest of the faction is best, as rushing to next-stage role-play won't fit well.

Any questions regarding this place may be forwarded to myself. Thank you for reading.
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